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7 Reasons Why You NEED a Security Smoke System Right Now.

7 Reasons Why You NEED a Security Smoke System Right Now.

People are spending huge amounts of money for standard security systems, but burglars still break in. When an alarm goes off, criminals know they have some time before anyone will intervene. Even the fastest police response time gives intruders precious minutes to take your belongings, mostly because they usually study the location’s daily schedule and know when to act.

A SmokeRhino security smoke system is the definite answer to burglary and theft, taking an active role in deterring crime unlike traditional, more “passive” security systems. If your goal is truly protecting your property, here are 7 reasons why you need a security smoke system right now:

1 – Effective: When triggered, SmokeRhino generates an incense-based fog that within 15-30 seconds fills the area completely (up to 700 sq ft). It makes it impossible for criminals to see, logically causing a state of disorientation, entrapment, and fear. This state-of-the-art technology is a non-violent way to respond to a violent act, with no risk for you, your family, or your property.    

2 – Budget-Friendly: Most security systems have an average cost of almost one thousand dollars, even for DIY alternatives, but SmokeRhino is available at significantly lower rates. Operating costs are low, and our machines don’t require any external power, as they come equipped with an on-board battery with a minimum 2-year life-time.

3 – Safe: SmokeRhino’s incense-based fog is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and the disruption to the premises is minimal. All these characteristics help to make it one of the safest options when considering an active security smoke/fog system.

4 – Fast acting: It takes SmokeRhino only 30 seconds to fill a 700 sqft room with smoke. This gives a burglar little to no time to attempt to take any of your property.  

5 – Versatile: SmokeRhino can be integrated to your existing alarm system or work as a standalone device. Either way, there is no question as to its effectiveness. Both business and home owners can benefit from our security smoke systems, with multiple application options including but not limited to: homes, RVs, garages, schools, government buildings, and penitentiary facilities.  

6 – Peace of mind: You worked hard for your stuff, and you deserve the peace of mind of knowing it is protected and safe. It is not your job to fight criminals, but SmokeRhino gives you the power to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your property without risk. 

7 – Can you think of any other advantage of having a security smoke system? We would love to hear it! Please let us know by using the hashtags #smokerhino #securitysmoke #powerfulprotection on social media or send us an email with your suggestions at info@smokerhino.com