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How a Security Smoke System Can Change The Way You Protect Your Stuff

How a Security Smoke System Can Change The Way You Protect Your Stuff

Security smoke systems have been on the market since the mid-70s, with especially high sales in the UK and Europe, where their effectiveness has been shown beyond a doubt. High end retailers like jewelers, boutiques, and art galleries have found them to be an attractive alternative to traditional security systems and their inability to prevent loss of valuable stock.

Replacement cost of a smashed door is minimal when compared with the value of the stolen merchandise, loss of clientele, and the overall logistics of recovery after a theft.

SmokeRhino is the first American company to bring this security smoke system concept home, and we are convinced that we will deliver the peace of mind that businesses and home owners have been looking for.

But wait, what is a security smoke (fog) system anyways? Well the logic is simple: Burglars can’t steal what they can’t see. When triggered, SmokeRhino generates an incense-based fog that within 15-30 seconds fills the area completely (up to 700 sqft). The fog makes it impossible for criminals to see, so they cannot steal.  

This state-of-the-art technology takes the element of surprise from thieves and uses it against them. The result: an individual is completely disorientated, afraid, and ready to flee. The most important part, of course, is that your valuables will remain untouched.  

SmokeRhino can be integrated with an existing alarm system as an added layer of protection, or it can be used as a standalone piece of equipment.

The applications of our security smoke system go beyond loss prevention. Penitentiary facilities, schools, and governmental buildings can also incorporate our technology to their security mechanisms.

In an ideal crime-free world everyone and their property would be perfectly safe, but we as a society aren’t even close to that point. In the meantime, SmokeRhino is doing its part to provide an effective way to protect what matters most.