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8 Security Tips to Help You Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

8 Security Tips to Help You Enjoy a Stress-Free Summer

The drinks are getting cooler, the weather is getting warmer, and we are getting more relaxed. Why not? It is summer after all. Unfortunately, flip flop season means that the possibilities of being a victim of burglaries increases greatly. A special report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS revealed that household burglary exhibited seasonal patterns, with rates of victimization typically highest in summer and lowest in winter or spring.

So yes, we do need to take some precautions to avoid becoming part of the statistics. The key here is to remember that criminals don’t take vacations; they are waiting for you to lower your guard and be more vulnerable to the combined effects of carelessness, heat, and alcohol (because we all know many times summer = beer).

First let’s cover these basic security tips:

1-     Lock doors and windows.

Pretty obvious right? But still, a staggering 34% of burglars use the front door as the primary entry point. Lower windows are also susceptible, especially when surrounded by unkempt vegetation.

2-     Don’t open the door to strangers.

If a stranger knocks on your door, be cautious and don’t open. Ask for identification, and even when you are shown one, don’t immediately trust it. Don’t let your politeness and good heart put you in a disadvantageous situation. It’s not rude to protect yourself.

3-     Keep inventory of your possessions

People are more likely to be outdoors in the summertime because, well why wouldn’t they? It’s beautiful outside! But that also means that bikes, laptops, patio furniture, lawn mowers, and other valuables are often left outside and unattended. (Do lawn mowers count as valuables? I guess some people do love them…)   

Now for this long-awaited summer getaway:

1-     Don’t advertise your vacations!

Don’t talk about vacation plans in public areas like the mall, grocery store, gym, car rental office, etc. More importantly: resist the urge to post on social media if you are traveling. Even though you trust your friends, you never know who might learn that you're not home.

2-     Make your home look inhabited

If you are planning to leave for a couple of days, a good security tip is to keep your house looking as normal as possible. Have a neighbor park his car in your driveway and pick up the mail and newspapers. Consider installing automated light systems to mimic your patterns, and leave the curtains and blinds like you normally do when at home.

3-     Do some yardwork before going

Yes, is not necessarily fun, but you must take care of the garden before traveling. Neglected bushes scream empty house loud and clear. Also, don’t give thieves a place to hide or allow easy access to windows and second floors.

4-     Don’t leave a spare key outside

Let me give you some tough love here: hiding your spare keys anywhere near your front door is simply a bad idea. Flowerpots, fake rocks, magnets, the mailbox, the trim of the door, on top of the porch light and anywhere else you could think, burglars already know. After all, knowing those places is their job and they are good at it, considering that only 13% of burglaries get resolved.

5-     Install an ACTIVE security system

Just having a security system can decrease your chances of being a victim of a burglary, but thieves do their homework and know how to fool security cameras and alarms. Why not take an extra measure that will deter any robbery on your home? SmokeRhino’s security smoke system is the definite answer. Why? The logic is simple: BURGLARS CAN’T STEAL WHAT THEY CAN’T SEE. If an alarm is triggered, SmokeRhino generates an incense-based fog that within 15-30 seconds fills the area completely. It makes it impossible for criminals to see, so they cannot steal. SmokeRhino is the only security system on the market that takes an ACTIVE role in protecting your home and your family from aspiring burglars.

Final thoughts

Summertime is a great season: you get to spend more time with kids, the weather is enjoyable, you have a ton of fun stuff planned… Don’t let a burglary ruin your well-deserved vacations. A few security measures will ensure that your house will stay off the radar of any thief. Have a great, safe summer!