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All You Need to Know About RV Security

All You Need to Know About RV Security

So, you are literally living THE DREAM. Instead of being consumed by countless week upon week of work with no down time, instead of worrying about your mortgage and your eight-to-five “normal” job’s challenges, instead of juggling your time between yardwork, soccer practice, and researching for a new vacuum cleaner, you decided to invest in an RV and drive…….. with the horizon as your destination.

Well done. Now, you need to make sure you protect what is much more than just a means of transportation.

Camping trailers, RVs, trucks, or motorhomes can be ideal targets for burglars as they can drive away with a double haul of both a valuable vehicle and a home full of belongings.

There are key aspects that you will need to consider while enjoying of your wanderer lifestyle.

The places and the people

-        Research the area where you’re staying.

Before heading out to an unknown location, it’s a good idea to research the area before arriving. If the campground has consistently bad ratings, you should consider another park. 

-        Make some friends!

RVers are a wonderful community. It’s surprising how many families with different backgrounds are united by the same sense of adventure. So, go and introduce yourself! Make sure your neighbors know how you look and what your truck looks like as well. That way, if an unfamiliar face comes sniffing around, your fellow RVer will know something weird is going on.

Your ride’s security measures

-        Park your trailer with intention.

Your first instinct will be to reverse your camper into a parking spot so it’s easy to go when you are ready. Don’t. Unfortunately, that would also make it a lot easier for thieves to hitch up to your trailer and disappear while you’re away enjoying the scenery. Instead, take the time to position the hitch away from the main access to discourage criminals from physically turning the camper in order to steal it.

-        Lock it all. Always.

From doors and windows to outside storage compartments and especially your trailer hitch. That is the last thing you would want unprotected since one of the most common ways RVs are stolen is to simply attach a truck to your trailer and drive off. You might even want to go a step further and replace the locks that came with your RV. 

-        Eliminate temptations.

If you are leaving the campground to explore, put items like cookware, chairs, tables, and bicycles away. Keep your blinds drawn so the goods inside aren’t displayed, and take your laptop, camera, cash, etc. with you.

Finding the right security system

-        Consider an ACTIVE security system.

When choosing security for your RV, trailer, or motorhome, your best bet is a system that actively deters criminals rather than just notifying the authorities. SmokeRhino’s security smoke is ideal for safeguarding busses and RVs due to it’s size, effectiveness, and low cost.

Yes, we said SMOKE, you read right. This groundbreaking technology works by generating an incense-based smoke when the alarm is triggered. It makes it impossible for criminals to see, so they cannot steal. SmokeRhino’s system limits visibility by up to 98% inside the protected environment. The security smoke is also mildly irritating to the eyes, causing burglars to quickly flee. Unlike all other security systems, this is a truly effective way to prevent theft. The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and disruption is minimal.

You CAN have it all

Although camps and parks are generally safe, thefts occur anywhere. But by just considering the three security points mentioned above, you can guarantee a memorable journey without unpleasant incidents.

Have any other security tips for your fellow RVers? Please let us know in the comment box below this article. We would love to hear your thoughts!